The principle of mosquito killer – how to kill mosquitoes, this way?

//The principle of mosquito killer – how to kill mosquitoes, this way?

The principle of mosquito killer – how to kill mosquitoes, this way?

(Last Updated On: February 27, 2019)

Guide: After entering the summer, there will be more and more mosquitoes. Mosquito is one of the animals we hate most. It not only interferes with people’s sleep at night, but also may cause infectious diseases, so mosquitoes, mosquito killers, etc. Mosquito-killing items are already essential for home use. For the sake of safety and environmental protection, more and more people use mosquito-killing lamps. What is the principle of mosquito-killing lamps? What should we pay attention to when using them?

mosquito killer lamp
  1. The principle of mosquito killer – introduction

“Moths and fires” are idioms that people are familiar with. Mosquito killing lamps are based on the phototaxis of mosquitoes, moths and other pests. They are anti-mosquito devices that do not require any chemical anti-mosquito substances. A new generation of high-efficiency and environmentally-friendly killing mosquitoes with advanced technology from abroad. Because it does not require any chemical anti-mosquito substances when used, it is a relatively environmentally friendly way of killing mosquitoes. Although the mosquito killer is environmentally friendly, the mosquito repellent is relatively passive. For families with children, the mosquito killer should be placed high to avoid children’s touch.

      2. the principle of mosquito killer – classification

The types of mosquito killing lamps can be classified into three types: stick-trapping insect killing lamps, electronic mosquito killing lamps, and air suction mosquito lamps.

1) Sticky-trapping insect killer: no bad smell of charring; no sound and electric shock spark; insect body will not be decomposed and scattered due to electric shock and cause environmental pollution; no high-voltage power grid, safe to use.

2) electronic mosquito killer: circuit design current limit; simple low power consumption; high efficiency; just use the power supply.

3) airflow mosquito killer: generally small size; can be carried with you; generally used in the family.

  1. The principle of mosquito killer lamp–stick trap type insect killer lamp

The principle of stick-trapping insect killer lamp—to attract mosquitoes by the principle of light-induced, and then sticking cardboard to stick mosquitoes. Currently widely used in food factories, clean rooms, hotels, high-end restaurants, cafes, shopping malls and other places with high environmental requirements!

  1. The principle of mosquito killer lamp–electronic mosquito killer lamp

The principle of electronic mosquito killer—through the principle of light trapping. The high-efficiency mosquito lamp has high-efficiency attracting effect on harmful insects such as mosquitoes, attracting mosquitoes, and installing a safe high-voltage net in front of the light pipe, which can instantly kill flying insects through electrostatic shock; electronic mosquito killer The circuit design has current limiting, low power consumption, high efficiency, and can be used as long as the power is turned on, without any chemical substance volatilization.

  1. Anti-mosquito lamp principle – airflow mosquito killer

Airflow Mosquito Light Principle—The airflow mosquito lamp has a fan that sucks the mosquito through the airflow, causing it to die. However, such mosquito killing lamps have been gradually eliminated. When electric mosquitoes are killed, sparks are generated. It is not suitable for use in flammable and explosive places, and odors are generated when electric mosquitoes are killed, which does not meet environmental standards. !

  1. The principle of mosquito killer lamp–Precautions

1) Do not put your hand into the machine or arbitrarily play with the machine during startup to avoid damage to the machine or accidents.

2) Do not move the mosquito killer with electricity to avoid tearing the power cord or accidents.

3) When using in an environment with young children, place the mosquito killer in a place that young children cannot reach.

4) When using indoors, do not put the machine into the water or pour water into it. When using it outdoors, it must be taken back indoors in rainy days to avoid short circuit, damage or electric shock.

5)When cleaning the mosquito net, first unplug the power cord and do not operate it with electricity.

6) If you find quality problems, please contact the supplier and do not dismantle the repairs.

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