What kind of light will you prefer to take when you camp?

//What kind of light will you prefer to take when you camp?

What kind of light will you prefer to take when you camp?

(Last Updated On: February 27, 2019)

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  • Led head light(2pcs will be better, the function could be low and high spot, low and high flood, and red lamp)

A tip about headlamps: While walking, hold the headlamp in your hand at your hip, like a regular flashlight, so that its beam casts shadows that are not in a direct line with your eyesight. The terrain will be more textured and you’ll have better depth perception than when your headlamp is on your head, basically right between your eyes.

Why two? I’ll leave one with my gear and carry one with me. That way, no matter what happens, there will always be a headlamp within easy reach. Really, a pair of headlamps is all you need: if one is lost or broken, you have a backup, and until then one can serve as area-light while the other is on your person at all times.

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Another tip: Most headlamp bodies are constructed to angle the beam slightly downward, even when the lamp hinge is closed and it is “flat” against your forehead. So if you flip the whole thing upside down, strap and all, and let it hang around your neck, it shines down and ahead of you a bit: perfect for doing the dishes, etc. and keeps any moths away from your eyes.

Being able to go ‘hands-free’ and still see is invaluable in the pitch dark of night.

  1. When nature calls

  2. Gear repair

  3. First aid

  4. Processing extra firewood

  5. Food prep and storage

  6. Et cetera…

Plus you can invert the light source and stick it on the bottom of a *water bottle (facing toward the bottle), strap it on and voila! Lantern.

  • Flashlight(standard cylindrical flashlight, packed hanging rope or a neat little holster, it is handy)https://gogoef.com/product/camping-light-finer/

  • Pocket/necklace lightor button lights (light weight and for safety)

“ I also carry a Streamlight Microstream as a pocket/necklace light for emergencies and my EDC. They are a lightweight, AAA powered stick light that is great for close work or signaling in an emergency situation.

My third light is one of thes button lights like the bicyclers use for cheap taillights. They usually come on some kind of rubber band to attach to the seatpost and powered by a couple of CR 3220 batteries for marker lights when I am going to be away from my campsite after dark. I stealth camp in hammocks in odd places and have had a hard time finding my site in broad daylight. I have had people light up my site with flashlights and miss me so a marker is vital.”

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