10 points you should know before summer camp 2019

//10 points you should know before summer camp 2019

10 points you should know before summer camp 2019

(Last Updated On: March 29, 2019)

When summer arrives, many young people like to go out for summer camp 2019, or a family, or a few friends, classmates, in the wild or at the seaside, take a small tent, bring some snacks, eat some game, and also be a life adjustment. And it can relieve stress. Camping does not mean to leave, but also need to pay attention to some things. What should we pay attention to when going out to camp in the summer. The following small series introduces a few points to friends who are going out for summer camp 2019

1. Check the weather

No matter where you go, as long as you are out camping, you must understand the recent weather conditions. Because it usually takes two or three days to go out camping. Therefore, it is best to observe the weather conditions of the week when watching the weather. If there is rain or storm reminder, then it is best not to camp for this week. To choose a sunny cycle.

Temperature is also important for outdoor travel. We should learn temperature management, that is, the temperature and the law of the season and the region, and the equipment and clothing configuration based on it. Learn to have a more accurate intuitive judgment of temperature and change.

During the day, it is generally the highest temperature of the day at 2 pm, which is the peak; and the lowest point at 2 to 3 in the night. The temperature difference between the days is called poor. The size of the day is related to the geographical latitude, terrain, season, weather conditions and other factors.

Generally speaking, the low latitude is higher than the high latitude, the inland is better than the coastal area, and the sunny is On cloudy days, the basin is much worse than the plains and deserts. In the forest, due to the storage function of the forest, the daily difference is small.

2. The Tent

This is essential for camping out and essentials for camping at night. There are several types of tents: triangular tents, dome-shaped tents, hexagonal tents, boat bottom tents, and ridge tents.

When buying a tent, you should also pay attention to it. If you are at the seaside, you must buy the wind-resistant, strong one. If you are in the grass in the flat park, you can buy a simple one. Therefore, everyone should choose the appropriate tent according to the actual temperature and the local environment of the camp.

3. Prevent mosquito bites

Firstly, choose the right camp, clean up the garbage around the campsite in time, and do not reduce the mosquito production in places where there are dead water, waste and other mosquitoes. Do not build in a multi-snake and multi-rat zone to prevent injury or damage to equipment. Sprinkling some grass and ash around the camp will be very effective in preventing the infestation of snakes, cockroaches and poisonous insects.

At the same time, we must bring anti-mosquito items, you can apply anti-mosquito products such as mosquito repellent oil and toilet water to your body in advance to achieve preventive effects.

In addition, we can also prepare some mosquito killers, which can play the role of killing mosquitoes and can also be used as outdoor emergency lighting and flashlights. The versatile mosquito killer below is a good choice for summer camp 2019:

This LED insect killer lamp is favoured by many consumers in the market. Already got lots of good feedback from the market. Function introduction as follow:

  1. Using blue-violet light to lure mosquitoes, 3000V high voltage power grid to kill mosquitoes;
  2. With the function of night light, can be used as a night light in the tent for reading.
  3. With the function of a flashlight, it is an essential item for outdoor use. Strong light long shot up to 200 meters
  4. Built-in 2200mAH lithium battery, can be used for 10 hours when the night light and mosquito killer are turned on at the same time.
  5. Outdoor waterproof design, waterproof rating reaches IP65
  6. The portable hook design can be easily hung anywhere in the outdoors.

4. Enough dry food

Camping without food and water is incomplete. Whether or not your camping trip is risky. For example, hiking and kayaking, or just resting in a camper, watching a DVD, all need food.

A few days outside, physical strength is very easy to consume, in addition to bringing food for three meals a day, it is best to bring more energy-enhancing foods, such as chocolate, biscuits, sugar and so on.

There is also a source of water. Generally, if you are not in a remote area, you can find the source of water, but for safety, you still have bottled drinking water.

5. Outdoor lighting

Lighting is important when camping outdoors, especially at night. Not only can you help me with some emergencies, but also protect your safety and provide you with a sense of security.

So this must also be brought, such as flashlights, camping lights, will be used in the evening. We usually get used to living in the city, because the city is brightly lit, even if don’t turn on the light, we won’t feel very dark, but it’s different in the wild. Except for the moonlight, there is no other thing that can be illuminated, so we must bring the led flash lamp. The larger the capacity of the battery, the better, so that the time used can be long enough. In addition, if the flashlight is not waterproof, it is necessary to make waterproof measures and install the flashlight with a waterproof plastic bag.

Here are 2 good outdoor camping lights and flashlights, very good for summer camp 2019, maybe can help you:

Portable camping lamp:

  • IP65 waterproof and dustproof
  • 4 magnets base, find and fixed to everywhere easily
  • Emergency flashing Alarm and SOS signal
  • 180deg. rotating head and adjustable
  • Rechargeable 10400mAh Polymer Li Battery
  • Power bank with 1 micro USB output 5V/2A
  • Long working time
  • Available tripod with vertical fixation – extra request and extra charge

Rechargeable camping torch:

  • IP67 waterproof and dustproof
  • 2 magnets base, find and fixed to everywhere easily
  • Emergency flashing Alarm and SOS signal
  • Strong light led torch lamp
  • Rechargeable 2600mAh/5200mAh/7800mAh Polymer Li Battery
  • Power bank with 1 micro USB output 5V/2A
  • Long working time
  • Mosquito Repel function
  • Strong steel to breek window fastly(using lamp end to break window)
camping torch for summer camps
wireless charger for phones
prepare for summer camp 2019

6. Communication equipment

Mobile phones, in addition to taking pictures to stay commemorative, but also to keep in touch with friends. Bring more charging treasures and charging cables for emergency use. The two outdoor camping lights and flashlights we mentioned earlier are good choices.

In fact, without any hints, this communication device must be perfect enough. There are many unexpected situations in the wild, and at least you can contact the first aid if you encounter any difficulties.

7. Adequate clothing preparation

To ensure a good night’s sleep, you should be well prepared on the clothes. In the wild, the night is basically cool. In order to ensure your health is not cold, you must bring enough clothes.

The first is the sleeping bag: the bulkiness of the sleeping bag, the fluffiness of the new sleeping bag is slightly worse. It is best to set up the tent and spread the sleeping bag to make it fluffy. Of course, the longer the time, the better the thermal insulation performance. The sleeping bag should have good waterproofness: if the waterproof sleeping bag cover can be replaced by a large garbage bag, the tent window should be slightly slit to allow the tent to be ventilated. When the weather is fine, the sleeping bag must be taken out and sunbathed.

Secondly, the moisture-proof pad is also indispensable. The moisture on the outdoor ground is very heavy. If it is not well-padded, it is easy to catch a cold. The main purpose of the moisture barrier is to prevent chrome and moisture and to separate the moisture between the human body and the ground.

Wear enough clothing: Wear enough clothes when you sleep, it is best to wear a hat, because half of the body’s heat is dissipated from the head.

Even in the summer, bring long-sleeved trousers, first to avoid mosquito bites, two for sun protection, and three nights to keep warm. It is best to bring a few more pieces.

8. Familiar little fellows

When going out, it is recommended not to go to one or two people, preferably four or five people, if you can have local residents, it would be better. People are so helpful and can help and care for each other. And it is best to choose a friend who is more familiar, a partner of the heart. Otherwise, who knows what will happen, especially girls. Therefore, the partner is also very important in summer camp 2019.

9. First aid supplies

This refers to some commonly used drugs, such as bandages, disinfectant water, gauze, and Wanjin oil. In case you don’t need it. Also learn how to use these drugs.

It is best to look at all the instructions and operating methods of these items before going out and demonstrate them.

summer camp 2019
summer camp 2019

10. Environmental protection camping, do not leave garbage in this summer camp 2019

Because you are camping in open spaces, be sure to keep this camping skill in mind: it will help protect and preserve the natural environment so that we and our children and grandchildren can share the beauty of nature. The absence of traces means that the camp should be cleaned up before leaving to keep the ecological environment free from intrusion. Thoroughly clean up after meals, food should be kept away from the ground.

Although this may seem like common sense, you may not be able to do the above without leaving any traces. If planning and preparing in advance is a small team to travel, make sure that your activities are at least 60 meters away from rivers and lakes. Camp according to pre-defined routes and camps. The solid waste is buried 15 to 20 cm below the surface.

Bathing or washing dishes should also leave the river and lake 60 meters. The used water is filtered, the filtrate is placed in a suitable waste container, and the water is spilled around. Do not destroy the natural landscape. The camp area should be as small as possible, use the built fire, and cook with a stove. Keep away from wildlife and don’t feed animals casually.

In short, be sure to do a good job before camping. Learn more about the precautions and strategies for going to campsites on the Internet. This can help you reduce a lot of unnecessary trouble. are you ready? Let’s have a fun journey, a fun summer camp 2019!

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